Enchanting Imagination

Kids with Creativity Beyond Control

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Enchanting Imagination is a company opened by the kids.   They wanted their own business to display their creations and learn how to run their own business. They have a line of jewelry, hair accessories and artwork. They have put in the hard work to develop new products with fresh designs. The youngest artist is Jace. He is 11 years old. He works with jewelry and original art pieces. He enjoys repurposing items to be used for his artwork and jewelry. He has a natural talent and enjoys the challenge of creating new items. He is very involved in the day to day operations to promote the business to insure its success. He is also creating a foundation to raise money for his mother’s rare disease. He is working on the development of the website with help and different, creative ways to raise money.

Lexie Collage

Jace shares Enchanting Imagination with his sister, Lexie, who has created many unique hair accessories. She is expanding to create more items as she continues to perfect her sewing.
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